Best Car Insurance: 3 Smart Tips In Choosing Your Insurance

Increasing the number of motor vehicles increasingly jumped every year, it makes the roads in Indonesia increasingly crowded and often cause congestion. In addition to congestion, an increase in the number of motor vehicles also raises other problems such as traffic accidents and also criminality. The reason, traffic accidents that occur not only cause minor injuries but also the loss of life of a person who can harm all parties, both victims of accidents, family, and other road users.

In some cases, accidents can cause substantial financial losses. Have you realized that accidents are inevitable? But the resulting loss can be anticipated by transferring it to a third party, ie registering the vehicle on the car insurance or vehicle insurance.

It is undeniable that awareness of having car insurance is important and most people already know it. In fact, more people ignore the use of auto insurance or vehicle insurance, especially Indonesia, according to a national survey of OJK financial literacy in 2013 shows that 39.8% of Indonesians are not at all familiar with financial literacy for any type of insurance product, be it car insurance Best or other vehicle insurance, health insurance, and others.

Understanding of insurance is quite important considering insurance is one effective way to plan and manage finances in order to avoid large expenses suddenly. The best car insurance or vehicle insurance is one type of protection that is important and required by the owner of four-wheeled vehicles. Because in an era like this now more and more car users so there is an increase in vehicle volume in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta which until now still not supported by the speed of road expansion.

The use of car insurance is not new, since tens of years ago has sprung up various insurance companies. Therefore as a consumer we must be smart to choose the type and product of car insurance that matches the needs and budget owned. Do you already have insurance for your vehicle? If you do not already have one, start to choose the best type of car insurance or car insurance that is right for your needs and note also from the type of car insurance product you choose, whether the best car insurance will cover all your needs?

1. Adjust Type of Insurance With Your Needs

The first thing you should see when going to choose the best car insurance or car insurance is the age of the vehicle itself, the condition of the engine and the condition of the car body. By knowing the condition of the vehicle, you can easily choose the type of insurance to be selected.

There are 2 types of Car Insurance:

All Risk or comprehensive insurance
The first type of car insurance is all risk car insurance. This type of insurance vehicle can also be called comprehensive or whole insurance because the type of all risk insurance is very appropriate to choose if your car is only 0 – 10 years old, because at that age, the car body condition is still smooth, thus requiring total protection. All risk insurance has various types of expansions that you can add such as collision or theft and flood protection. By using all risk insurance products, you will get a temporary replacement car while your car is in repair at the workshop. In addition, all risk insurance still has other types of protection such as, third party demands, collision damage, upside down, slipping, mired, until the fire.

TLO Insurance (Total Loss Only)
In accordance with its meaning, Total Loss Only (TLO) is an insurance that “only (if) loses total”. This type of car insurance is related to the protection and insurance claims process that can only be filed if the total loss only, the total loss in this TLO insurance is due to theft or damage. Where the repair costs equal or more than 75% of the price of the car. TLO insurance is very appropriate to choose if your car is aged 10-15 years, because at that age, the car body condition is not as smooth as before and certainly will not be used again. If an old car (6 – 10 years old) uses all risk car insurance, it will incur a 5% loading rate per year.

This TLO insurance has its own advantages that the cost of a cheaper insurance premium, compared with all risk insurance that does have a higher insurance premium cost. and If viewed from the side of its protection all risk insurance provides a more comprehensive protection compared with TLO insurance.

2. Comparison of Product and Insurance Company

Comparing the same type of vehicle protection product in the best different auto insurance company will be very useful to know the type of service and protection budget that best suits your needs. Comparison can be done by browsing on the official website of each company, in addition you can also go directly to the office that will protect your car and ask through an insurance agent.

3. Listen and Consider the Dealer’s Recommendations

In determining the best car insurance of course also need to pay attention to the company from the car insurance to be selected. It would be nice if you listen to the recommendations of the vehicle dealers. At least you will be guided in choosing an insurance company and given any insurance company recommendations that they think is pretty good and reliable and you will get some important information from the company recommended by the dealer.

Once you get a recommendation from the dealer does not mean the recommendation is immediate you take and decide. However, you also need and need to find out more information about the insurance company that has been recommended and also look for references to the insurance company back alone as a comparison and match whether or not with you and also right with your car vehicle.