Choose Cheapest Insurance Premium Car Insurance and Benefit

Currently there are many offers of car insurance that is on the market could be very confusing consumers in choosing and deciding which insurance purchase?

Of course, consumers choose insurance that benefits him in terms of material or premium money and in terms of service also in terms of secure factors or security of guarantee.

car and calculator. rising costs for car purchase, lease, service, refueling and insurance

Should the consumer have to ask for some insurance and compare the car insurance product with each other? it will take a long time and waste of time will also even be confusing the consumer of course.

Here there are quick tips and quick guide and telling is as follows:

The Standard Equation shall enter into force according to the regulation of OJK (Financial Services Authority)

1. All insurance operating in Indonesia are Registered and Supervised by OJK, so it is guaranteed safe or secure.

2. All Car Insurance is arranged equally in giving Benefit benefit offer by OJK

3. All Car Insurance shall be subject to the same offer of Premium Tariff provided by Range or Margin of “Bottom and Upper Limit” Tariff by OJK.

Commonly accepted equations in the service market are:

4. Service or Service Provider with TPA Service or Third Party Administratiom “Merimen” or like Ad Medika as TPA on Health Insurance.

5. Because the same landfill that is Merimen of course the workshops provided or provided is also the same throughout Indonesia.

After knowing the 5 equations of the above standard, then look for car insurance that gives the difference that will certainly benefit consumers as it is happening in the market are:

1. Differences by giving Discounts 10% Introduction of the Official Boundary Premium Limit OJK which of course will greatly save the Cost of Premium for Consumers.

2. No Claim Bonus Discount.

3. Flexible and Flexible Services that benefit consumers in endorse changes and time saving.

4. Refund or Refund Premium if no Claim occurs.

And of course 4 Differences will greatly benefit consumers …